• Welcome to District of Bliss • 

You are invited to experience pleasure as we embark on an exploration of the wisdom of your body. Step inside the beautifully appointed sanctuary studio and relax by candlelight. Tranquil music plays as you slowly surrender to conscious loving touch and presence.  Feel the charge of warm feminine energy. Safe and cared for in compassionate attention, you give yourself permission to let go.

Experience aliveness. An authentic sense of being alive in your skin. A delicious connection to your physical body. Quieting the mind, diving deep into a universe of sensation. This succulent world where your senses come out to play.

Tantra. The conscious practice of presence and self love. Learn how the ancient methods and principles behind this mindful path celebrate your whole being, enabling you to release shame and shift negative thought patterns. Through breathwork, sounding, touch, and gentle guidance, connect to eros and open to your expanded potential.

Celebrate Your Sensuality. Your body is the laboratory! We all have hang ups that impede our fullest expression of joy. Learn to replace shame with celebration. Channel your eros to heal the whole body. Reframe what you think is possible. There is no judgment. When we let go of expectation, we open the door to possibility.

Your unique expression is honored here.