For Her

Dearest beautiful women, when do you take time for yourself?

You are constantly taking care of others, partners, kids, and colleagues. I am here to help you learn: your pleasure is a priority. I believe women need more loving, sensual touch in their lives. This slow, conscious connection can open your heart and transform your sensuality. We as women also harbor traumas, and past experiences in our yonis and pelvic floor. I provide a safe, nurturing space for you to release whatever no longer serves you. I understand that trust is paramount when we are working in places of vulnerability, and it is an honor I hold sacred.

As you enter the sanctuary studio, you are greeted with my warm smile, and immediately feel at ease. You settle into the candlelit atmosphere, and scent of incense. The beauty of the space signals to you that it’s ok to begin to let go. We sit and chat for a bit, as we talk about the session. Perhaps you would simply enjoy a delicious full body massage, or perhaps there is a trauma, or past event you would like to process. I am deeply committed to working with women, as this work transformed my life. It is my desire to share the gift of embodiment with you. As we transition,  the lusciously padded table awaits. We begin the breathing exercise that will carry you through the session. You have permission to completely let go. You are invited to go deep into your body, present in your skin.

Take a moment and read one woman’s story of healing with Eve. 


2h | 500

3h | 750

4h | 1000