For Him

Dearest gentlemen, you have a lot to deal with. You are constantly giving, constantly running, constantly under stress. There is so much pressure on you to perform in your daily life: in the workplace, in the bedroom. When we are in our heads all the time, it can cut us off from the innate pleasure and wisdom of our body. Your time with me will be your time to recharge and reconnect to your body, your temple.

Your session begins with your arrival to my discreet and beautifully appointed sanctuary studio. I greet you with a warm smile as you enter into our sacred space. The door closes on the outside world, and you feel relaxed stepping into candlelight. We sit; soft music plays as we chat for a few moments, and take a few breaths together. We talk a bit about the session. As we transition, you can see the lusciously appointed table that awaits you. We begin with breathing together as you learn the foundational pranayama (energy breath). Slowly and slowly you deepen into your body. You are embraced in my skilled, loving touch. Completely present in the pleasure of the moment, you experience your natural state of embodiment.

Tantric Bodywork: 

DC / FL                                                         

1.5 | 600

2 |  800

3 | 1200

4  | 1600

elite tantric companion sessions