One couple’s story: 
We have a loving marriage filled with mutual support, caring and laughter but we also have relationship scars which hampers our ability to truly express our own needs and desires.
We found Eve just as we began our journey to deepen our connection and reawaken the intimate energies we had neglected to honor over the years.
Eve’s welcoming energy during our introductory call helped ease our anxiety and upon entering Eve’s studio any remaining nerves were eased as we immediately felt her warmth, love and safety.
She shared a verbal framework with us and reminded us that it was safe to ask for what we desired and remembering to be thankful for the gift of honest expression.
She helped us lower our guard, trust her, be present and truly experience the pleasure in receiving as well as giving. Sounds funny, but we are both better at giving than receiving!
During the session, my senses were so heightened that I could actually feel the flow of energy through us all. We laughed that I was a ‘live-wire’! 
My wife also responded in so many beautiful ways. She trusted Eve and this process, expressing her desires as never before, both in asking for more of what pleased her and for less of anything short of bliss.
We are so grateful for having meet Eve and our initial experience! We have begun to create our own sanctuary at home, with guidance from Eve, and are continuing our journey!
I believe every relationship would benefit from Eve’s teachings. So much so that I will gladly gift a session to any of our children when they get married!
Mark & Danielle, Sarasota, FL


I truly had an amazing experience through our session. And sharing my feelings with my husband, later, extended and almost multiplied my state of happiness and joy. For me, the most beautiful thing about our session was to become aware or feel it first hand that there is a different dimension to our lives that we mostly miss, yet once you allow it to come out it is utmost powerful, beautiful, playful and yummy, in your words. It was really the best gift ever, and I feel grateful and lucky that it was you who walked me through this experience and presented me the footsteps to that higher level of awareness.

E., Washington DC


Eve, you continue to enlighten me, to expand my horizons of pleasure, as well as to ask for what I want which has been a problem in my life and relationships up till now.
I am determined to continue our discovery of the journey to better health and happiness through pleasure. The acceptance you offered me in my pursuit of pleasure and happiness did wonders for me.  I am grateful. I feel lighter in my heart (and body) after our work, it is important to me in my life now. Many changes happening and this is a wonderful stress reliever. 

C., Sarasota, FL 


One woman’s transformative experience with Eve


Eve, thank you so much for a really fun and pleasurable session. Excitement AND relaxation…those two things existing at the same time in the same place is a revelation–thank you for showing me something new today. I really appreciate your kindness, warmth, focus, and sense of fun all in the pursuit of pleasure. Already looking forward to seeing you again!

Michael, Tampa, FL 


My healing journey brought me to Eve’s door. I had shutdown my sexuality due to confusion and humiliation I experienced at a young age. Over the past years, I’ve worked on my connection to my masculinity and wanted to experience my sexuality with a woman. This work had eluded me because I always deemed it to be unsafe. Finding Eve allowed me to open a door and explore what was on the other side. Our sessions were containers established by both of us that gave me the freedom to explore without judgement and to share without reservation. I experienced so much healing and learning and compassion. I am profoundly grateful I found her. I recommend Eve if you are looking for someone to walk with you on your healing journey. 

Glenn, Washington DC

was incredibly nervous going into my session with Eve. A friend told me about the transformative work that Eve does for women, but I sat with my fear for nearly a year before I felt ready to actually book a session. Those two hours were some of the most incredibly powerful and healing hours of my life. As a sexual trauma survivor and a woman who has trouble using my voice, Eve created a safe space where I was invited to fully settle into what I wanted and needed, and then invited me to ask for it. I felt seen, supported, and transformed by Eve during our time together. If you are a woman looking to explore your body and your sexual self, I can’t imagine a better person to do this work with. 

D., Sarasota, FL 


Thank you for a great morning. I always feel as if I leave having learned something new or relearned something forgotten. Thank you. 

 Brian, Washington DC


Eve, Thank you for a wonderful, breathtaking, affirming session!  Your caring disposition and giving spirit brought healing and relaxation that I have not felt in a very long time.  Those considering your services should know that you are “the real thing,” and I hope others find the relief and affirmation I found from our time together.  

J.R., Washington DC


Eve and I have been working together for a few months creating an incredible transformation in my life. I had been settling for crumbs in relationships for many years and she has helped me feel empowered and release what no longer serves me in just a very short time.  I am working on discovering my true authentic self and finally coming into my sexuality through our work together. I had almost no desire for intimacy prior to our work and now my desire has increased a hundred fold.  Not only do I feel like a different person, but it has been remarked that I even LOOK like a different person….”exceptionally beautiful phase” were the words.  I feel safe with Eve because she has excellent boundaries and therefore I am able to fully open to bliss. Working with Eve, we planted a love seed together, it grew, and now I feel filled with love. I will never again settle for less.  

Elle,  Arlington, VA


Through my session with Eve I came to a deeper understanding of the Divine Feminine and how it exists in my life- and I want more! As a woman who is sensitive to touch, it was incredibly freeing to know I could react however my body wanted, whether it was goosebumps, moans, or sighs. Though this was my first time working with a sacred intimate, I felt incredibly safe, in no small part due to the extensive conversation we had at the beginning regarding boundaries and what I hoped to take away from the session. On both a personal and professional level (I work as a sex educator), I appreciated the idea of exploring pleasure for pleasure’s sake, with no end goal in mind. It is something I teach and practice often, yet I have not had this profound of an experience with the principle in the past. Lastly, I could feel the rich history of this practice surrounding and supporting me throughout the session. I knew I was entering into something holy, sacred, divine that thousands of women before me had experienced and that was both deeply comforting and incredibly enticing. I love that both my history and that of the practice were woven together to create a peaceful, pleasurable, loving, and safe experience for me to let go, be free, push outside my comfort zone, and reap all the benefits.

K., Arlington, VA


Eve – Thank you for the intense and expansive session I had with you – the energy you opened up in me was overwhelming and truly felt like a series of waves.  I was surprised I was able to get myself together at the end of our session.  Thank you also for your profound insights into the nature of receiving and being connected with the world.  I am deeply grateful to you and look forward to another session with you soon.   

Mark, Washington DC


I visited Eve for a Yoni Massage. I had experienced sexual trauma as a child, and felt as if I had a hard time connecting sexually with myself and others. Eve was very considerate and compassionate of my needs. Eve’s work was energetically and emotionally healing. I felt safe, comfortable, and was supported to know that I am perfect and beautiful, just as I am! The yoni massage invigorated my entire being- body, mind, and soul! I would highly recommend for anyone to receive “love” from Eve. You are honored, received, and nurtured throughout your entire experience!  

Lauren,  Washington DC 


I have immensely enjoyed my sessions with Eve. She and I are taking a tantric journey together for almost a year. My travel related schedule do not always allow me to see her as much as I want to, but whenever I do get to see her, the caring, open and (sometimes) experimental sessions more than make up for the lost time. She has a beautiful studio, and a warm presence. But most of all she knows how to help newly initiates explore and learn the intricacies of Tantra. The sessions are never rushed. I give her my highest recommendation. 

Adam, Washington DC 


Thank you very much for taking me on the fantastic journey today. I could feel very much the energy flow and was amazed about how relaxed everything was. I felt that we got pretty much tuned into each other. There were peace and love. I got a great view from the tip, even from the lower part of the mountain. I will remember this moment and will let you know when next time in DC.

Lars, Norway